What Frequency Is BBC Newcastle Broadcast On

What Frequency Is BBC Newcastle Broadcast On?

BBC Newcastle is the BBC’s local radio station in the Tyne and Wear area and broadcasts a range of speech and music programmes.  BBC Newcastle is available on AM, FM and DAB. It only broadcasts locally within the Tyne and Wear region, so if you’re located elsewhere you will only be able to listen to it online.

If you’re listening in Newcastle itself, BBC Newcastle is broadcast on FM radio using the frequency 95.40 MHz.

Here’s an overview of how to find BBC Newcastle:

  • FM radio: 95.4, 96.0, 103.7 and 104.4 MHz (95.4 will probably have the strongest signal)
  • AM radio: 1458 kHz
  • DAB radio: Just scroll through the stations on your radio or manually tune to 11C (220.352 MHz)
  • Online: Via the BBC Newcastle website or most radio streaming apps
  • Freeview: Channel 719

On DAB, BBC Newcastle broadcasts using the Tyne and Wear multiplex with masts in Burnhope, Fenham, Morpeth, Shotleyfield and Weardale.

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