Ocean Digital DB828 Radio Review

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Above average in terms of sound quality, radio reception and build quality. The Ocean Digital DB828 performs well for the price.

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The Ocean Digital DB828 is an inexpensive DAB clock radio with FM and a dual alarm. It’s made by Ocean Digital, a budget electronics brand based in Hong Kong who produce a large selection of internet radios as well as FM/DAB radios. Let’s see what the DB828 can do…


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Saves 20 preset stations (10 on FM and 10 on DAB)
  • Dual alarm clock (set two independent alarms) with a choice of using the radio or an alarm sound
  • Alarm volume can be adjusted
  • Dimmable LCD display
  • Clock and date shown on the display
  • Headphone jack
  • Sleep timer

Dimensions: 12 cm wide x 9.5 cm deep x 7.8 cm high
Weight: 500 g

Performance and use

As soon as you turn the DB828 on, it will search for all the stations available and let you scroll through them in alphabetical order. It will also automatically set the date and time using DAB radio.

The radio has a dual alarm clock, which means you can set two different alarms. You could set one alarm for weekdays and one for the weekend, or two in the morning as insurance to make sure you don’t just sleep through the first one. You can set the volume of the alarm and choose to wake up to an FM or DAB radio station, or a traditional beeping sound.

It’s important to note that the display is often actually blue, not red as many of Ocean Digital’s promotional pictures of the DB828 suggest. This means that it might seem a bit brighter at night than it would if it had a red display, though the LCD display can be dimmed quite low. Another minor issue is that the buttons aren’t raised, which makes them a bit harder to find when you’re half asleep.

Overall, the Ocean Digital DB828 feels well made, and it has decent sound quality for its size. The radio reception is also relatively strong.


  • Easy to save and access preset stations
  • Decent sound quality
  • Good radio reception
  • Compact so it easily fits on a bedside table
  • Feels well made


  • Display of some models is blue, not red as pictures show
  • Buttons can be hard to find in the dark


Despite some minor flaws, the Ocean Digital DB828 performs well for the price. It’s above average in terms of sound quality, radio reception and build quality, though you should be aware that the display may be blue rather than red as Ocean Digital’s promotional pictures suggest.

Similar clock radios

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A more expensive alternative is the Pure Siesta Rise, which has a premium feel to it and is made by respected British radio brand Pure. In addition to all the regular features you’d expect from a DAB clock radio, it also has a USB port for charging a phone.

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