Pure Pop Mini Review

Pure Pop Mini Review

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The Pure Pop Mini is an FM/DAB radio with some useful features such as a kitchen timer. It can be plugged into the mains, powered by 4 AA batteries, or used with the optional rechargeable battery pack.


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Dual alarm with a choice of waking up to either the radio or a buzzer sound
  • Save 10 preset stations (5 on FM and 5 on DAB)
  • 5 dedicated preset buttons
  • Kitchen and sleep timers
  • 3.5 mm aux-in
  • Headphone jack
  • Dimmable display
  • 2W speaker

Dimensions: 10.2 cm wide x 14.3 cm high x 9.3 deep
Weight: 450 g


  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Choice of power sources: mains, AA batteries or the ChargePAK D1
  • Good amount of volume for a small radio
  • Two independent alarms, so you could set one for weekdays and another for the weekends
  • Good sound quality for the size and price
  • Feels well built and high-quality
  • Alarm volume gradually increases
  • Display is large and easy to read


  • Battery pack isn’t included (and is quite expensive)
  • Short battery life on DAB
  • You have to go through a complicated menu to set the alarm
  • No snooze button for pausing the alarm—you have to go through a menu which is difficult if you’ve just woken up


The Pure Pop Mini is a versatile DAB/FM radio with a nice and compact design, making it good for the kitchen or a bedside table. It feels like a high-quality product, and has sounds good and fairly loud for a small radio. It has some useful alarm, snooze and timer features, but these are quite fiddly to set, which is one of this radio’s main flaws.

One great thing about this radio is that you have a choice of three ways to power it: mains power, AA batteries or the Pure ChargePAK D1. However, the ChargePAK costs extra and battery life using both AA batteries and the ChargePAK is frustratingly short, especially on DAB radio.

All in all, the Pure Pop Mini is a good radio for a small space such as the kitchen, though it does have some minor faults.

Similar radios

Another well rated Pure radio with a similar space-saving vertical design is the Evoke H2. It comes in an attractive wooden cabinet and has similar features to the Pure Pop Mini, though it is likely to cost you a bit more.

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