Rock and Metal Radio Stations in the UK

Rock and Metal Radio Stations in the UK

Whether you’re looking for some rock anthems to help make the commute to work a little less awful, or if you fancy a head-banging session after a tough day, there are plenty of radio stations to give you your rock or metal fix!

Here are some of the best ones available in the UK on FM, DAB, online or on your TV.

Absolute Classic Rock


This radio station is part of the Absolute Radio tribe and would be a great choice for people who commute a lot. Playing classic rock from a variety of decades, you’ll be singing along in no time at all.

The station first debuted on DAB digital radio across London in 2000 with the name Virgin Radio Classic Rock but was rebranded as Absolute Classic Rock in September of 2008.

It was an internet-only radio station before launching on DAB, but now you can listen on a multitude of devices anywhere you fancy.

Absolute Classic Rock has spread out from its original London boundaries, taking over Gold (a Global Radio-owned station) in the North of England and then even further to areas of Wales.

Absolute Classic Rock has previously hosted many DJ’s including the likes of Alice Cooper, Richard Skinner and Tommy Vance.

Now, you can tune into Dave Berry’s breakfast show, Frank Skinner hilarious chats on a Saturday and many other presenters bringing you classic rock from the 60s-90s right up to the present day.

How to listen:

  • DAB – 11B (Greater London)
  • Sky – 203
  • Virgin Media – 952
  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox 360
  • Online: Website, TuneIn, app


BBC Radio 1

One of the most-listened-to radio stations in the country, Radio 1 has been broadcasting on FM radio since 1967 but only started 24-hour broadcasting in 1991.

Their general daily music ranges from pop to rock to hip hop, with genre-specific shows available to listen to after 7 pm.

For rock and metal, you’ll probably want to tune into Huw Stephens, who plays music from new and alternative artists from 11 pm (Mon-Fri).

Annie Mac often plays indie and a bit of rock too, so she might be a good choice to listen to from 7 pm (Mon-Fri). On a Sunday, make sure to turn on the radio to listen to the Rock Show with Daniel P Carter at 7 pm, for a mix of rock, metal, indie and more.

Radio 1 can be listened to wherever you are in the UK on FM, DAB, online or on your TV.

You can also listen again to programmes on the Radio 1 website (just in case you miss your favourite show).

How to listen:

  • FM – 97.7-99.7 (UK) 97.1 (Jersey)
  • DAB – 12B (National)
  • Freeview – 700
  • Freesat – 700
  • Sky – 101
  • Virgin Media – 901 (907 in Ireland)
  • Online – Website, TuneIn, app


Kerrang! Radio


If you’re after all-day rock, then Kerrang should suit your ears nicely. Owned by Bauer Radio, Kerrang is available across the UK via Freeview and on other online platforms.

This rock radio station was once broadcast on FM across the Midlands (2004 until 2013) but has now stopped to make way for Planet Rock. It was also broadcast on DAB for a while, but this ended in May 2018.

With presenters like Johnny Doom, Loz Guest and Alex Baker, you can listen to a plethora of rock sounds – punk, metal, death metal, nu-metal, screamo, emo, alt-rock, glam rock… the list goes on.

If you like your music on the heavier side, then definitely listen later in the day!

How to listen:


Planet Rock


Planet Rock first hit the airwaves in 1999 and was threatened with closure in 2008, unless someone bought it out. It was purchased and remained on air uninterrupted until it was sold again in 2013 to Bauer Radio.

Planet Rock took Kerrang!’s space on FM in Birmingham and became available on DAB in 2016, though the service is limited to certain areas of the UK.

The clue is in the name with Planet Rock – you can expect tunes from all of the genres which fall into rock, with DJs such as Alice Cooper, The Hairy Bikers and Joe Elliott (of Def Leppard).

Many of Planet Rock’s presenters are members of some of the best rock bands in history, so they know their stuff when it comes to rock and metal music!

If you’re a lover of those epic songs which are just that bit too long for normal airing times, then tune in to Mark Jeeves – playing some of the longer tracks of the rock scene on a Sunday from 8 pm.

How to listen:

  • FM – 105.2 (Locally in Birmingham)
  • DAB – 11A (Limited/no service in certain areas of the UK)
  • Online – Website, TuneIn, app


Radio X


This rock radio station is a little similar to Absolute Classic Rock, playing music from across the genres, only you will also hear some of the best new tracks on Radio X too.

Starting life as Xfm in 1992 and acquired by Capital (now part of Global Radio) in 1998, it was only in 2015 that Radio X became the new branding for this station.

Previous presenters of Radio X (Xfm) have included Zoë Ball, Zane Lowe, Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Currently, you can tune into Chris Moyles, and John Kennedy amongst others and listen to a mix of indie, rock and popular music.

If you like hearing independent musicians and plenty of classic tunes, then this will be the station for you.

If you like your metal a little more, then maybe Kerrang would be better suited.

How to listen:

  • FM – 104.9 (London) 97.7 (Manchester)
  • DAB+ 
  • Freesat – 723
  • Sky – 113
  • Virgin Media – 960 (923 in Ireland)
  • Talk Talk TV – 621
  • Online – Website, TuneIn, app


Rock Radio UK


Rock Radio UK is an independent internet radio station which plays music from all genres underneath the rock umbrella.

This station supports up and coming rock bands from around the world, playing music from a multitude of new artists. There are also scheduled programmes specialising in classic rock and roll (Kapt Kirk Vinyl Frontier) as well as heavier metal sounds (Metallic Onslaught).

Multiple DJs play a part in the scheduling of this radio station, so you can expect to find a variety of music depending on the presenter.

If you enjoy great rock music and love to keep up with new artists in this genre, then you will more than likely enjoy tuning in to Rock Radio UK.

How to listen:




Rock and metal music all day, every day – TotalRock is an independent radio station based in London, founded by Tommy Vance in 1997 as Rock Radio Network and changed to its current name in 2000.

This name was changed again in 2012 to Bloodstock Radio and then back to TotalRock in 2014… and this isn’t the only journey this radio station has made.

Currently HQ-less, TotalRock broadcasts remotely from a variety of destinations with a whole host of DJs taking charge of different shows throughout the week. Presenters include Malcolm Dome, Dom Lawson and many, many others.

With a mix of old and new rock and metal, this radio station is perfect for the rockers of the UK (and the world – available to listen live online)!

TotalRock also has a YouTube channel showcasing live music and interviews with musicians within the rock and metal scene.

How to listen:

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5 thoughts on “Rock and Metal Radio Stations in the UK”

  1. I was trying to find out what rock radio stations were still available, i live in Dorset , have a FM/ Dab radio, channels a bit limited, used to be able to get Planet Rock, then it disappeared from my area and so did Team Rock Radio, can get Radio X, its alright but plays a lot of indie and not much metal, a lot of stuff available in my area is not my taste. My old Dab radio picked up Kerang, but not the Bush model which turned out to be owned by Argos.

    1. There are no real Rock stations available on dab anymore.
      Kerrang! Is now only web based, PlanetRock just plays classic stuff, Radio X has sold its soul to the commercial devil.
      I bought a dab transmitter for my car so I could use Bluetooth from my phone.

  2. Primordial Radio is the best rock, metal and beyond station around now. If you listened to TeamRock, then you’ll know some of the presenters.
    It’s online, and via an app.
    Give it a try and you won’t regret it. Such a great community too.

  3. i had the same trouble after kerrang left the midlands . All the alternative stations are a poor attempt so i listen to razor on their app on my phone and plug that in my car and work radio, now i dont listen too any uk radio as they all suck . Razor plays good up to date rock and metal with good classic rock and metal thrown in. No more oasis and pink floyd rubbish. They do have an app .Saved my sanity .

  4. Why are there no rock stations available on FM? Before any says it, Radio 1 is NOT, I repeat, NOT A ROCK STATION!!! You’ll find more rock on a Children’s radio station. Some cars with built in radio/sat nav systems just cannot get DAB, Bluetooth, USB, Or even Aux plug. I don’t have a lot of cds now, so I’m stuck listening to Radio 2. I’m going mad. Please help!!! Cheers.

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