Best Bathroom Radios

Do you love listening to the radio in the shower or the bath? Lots of us enjoy listening to music or the news while in the bathroom, so bathroom and shower radios are very popular.

If you’re looking to get a radio for the bathroom, you have five main choices:

  1. A regular portable radio that you can use it in the bathroom.
  2. A water-resistant or splashproof radio.
  3. A shower radio.
  4. A waterproof MP3 player with a built-in radio.
  5. A radio mirror (a mirror with a built-in radio).

Let’s look at some of the best radios you can get in the UK in these categories.


Regular portable radios for the bathroom

Lots of people use a regular radio in the bathroom, and this should be fine as long as you don’t get it wet and the level of humidity in your bathroom isn’t too high. The advantage of using a normal radio in the bathroom is that regular radios normally have better sound quality than shower radios, which can be very tinny.

Here are some good portable radios for using it the bathroom.


1byone Portable Digital DAB / FM Bluetooth Radio

This is one of the cheapest portable FM/DAB radios with Bluetooth. This means that not only can you use it to listen to FM and DAB stations, you can also use it as a wireless speaker to stream music, podcasts or internet radio from a smartphone or other Bluetooth device.

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Goodmans Portable Digital & FM Radio

The Goodmans Canvas Portable Digital & FM Radio is a cheap DAB/FM radio that takes four AA batteries, making it very convenient for using around the house. It has an elegant, minimalistic design with a choice of three colours: brown, ruby and steel.

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For some more cheap DAB radios, check out this review of the best portable DAB radios under £50.


Splashproof radios

Splashproof radios can be used in the bathroom, the garden or anywhere else where they might be exposed to small amounts of water. It’s important to note that these radios aren’t fully waterproof, so you shouldn’t place them directly under the shower.


Roberts Splash DAB/FM RDS Digital All Weather Radio

The Roberts Splash is a weatherproof FM/DAB radio with RDS, which means that FM station names are displayed on the LED screen. This radio is small, stylish and easy to use. Like most Roberts radios, the Splash has great reception, even in the bathroom. It comes with a fixing bracket for attaching the radio to the bathroom wall. The radio takes two D batteries which aren’t included.

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Shower radios and Bluetooth speakers

Shower radios are water-resistant radios that usually have special features such as hangers and suction cups for attaching to the shower wall. You can also get water-resistant Bluetooth speakers with built-in FM radios. With a Bluetooth speaker, you could stream music, radio or other audio from your smartphone. You can sometimes use Bluetooth speakers to take calls via Bluetooth.

Here are some of the best shower radios and shower Bluetooth speakers available in the UK.


VTin Relaxer

The VTin Relaxer is a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in FM radio. It features a suction cup for attaching the speaker to side of the shower or bath.

It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that gives up to 8 hours of playback time. The VTin Relaxer has a built-in microphone so you can take phone calls via Bluetooth while in the shower.

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Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio

This FM radio is rated IPX4, which means it can withstand 10 minutes of occasional splashing. It has some useful features including a strap holes for hanging it in the shower and a removable rubber handle. The Sony ICF-S80 has a long battery life of around 100 hours. This radio is great for using in the bathroom, but won’t last forever if used in the shower.
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Waterproof MP3 players with a built-in radio

Waterproof MP3 players are designed for swimmers, but can also be used in the shower or bath. They often come with a built-in FM radio and special waterproof earphones.


E-PLAZA 4GB Swimming Diving Water IPX8 Waterproof MP3 Player

This MP3 player looks like a small USB flash drive and can be strapped to your head using the waterproof headphone set included. The MP3 player can store 4 gigabytes of music, or about 800 songs. You charge the device and put songs on it via USB. The radio works well, but it might be inconvenient to take it off your head when you want to change the volume or channel. Also, the over-the-head design isn’t very convenient in the shower when you’re washing your hair etc.

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Radio mirrors

A radio mirror combines a mirror with a radio, which is a great idea if you enjoy listening to the radio in the bathroom. A range of radio mirrors are available, from high-end, large DAB radio mirrors to inexpensive, small FM radio mirrors for the shower.


Roper Rhodes Audio Image Multi Media Bathroom Mirror

This large mirror comes with an FM/DAB radio as well as ports for a USB and SD card. It has a digital display integrated into the mirror as well as touch-sensitive controls and stereo speakers.

The dimensions of this product are 80 x 60 x 6 cm, so this product is a decent size for a bathroom mirror.

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Konig AM/FM Shower Radio

This radio mirror can be attached to the side of the shower using a suction cup. The dimensions of this mirror are 17.5 x 17.5 x 3 cm, so it’s fairly small but not a bad size for shaving or putting make-up on.

This is quite a cheap product, and has some flaws. The reception isn’t great, and the controls are quite stiff and hard to use.

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