What Frequency Is Absolute Classic Rock Broadcast On

What Frequency Is Absolute Classic Rock Broadcast On?

Absolute Classic Rock is a digital-only rock music station owned by Bauer Radio. It’s available on DAB in London, nationally on digital television and worldwide online.

On DAB radio you should be able to tune into Absolute Classic Rock without knowing the frequency. If you live in London but your radio isn’t picking up Absolute Classic Rock, try extending the aerial and/or moving it near a window, and then re-tuning it to see if it finds the station. If you need to tune into Absolute Classic Rock manually, it uses the frequency 11B (218.640 MHz).

Absolute Classic Rock was previously broadcast on DAB in several regions of the UK, but the service is now limited to Greater London.

Absolute Classic Rock isn’t available on FM, so you won’t be able to listen to it on an AM/FM car or home radio. If you want to listen to the station in your car and don’t have a DAB car radio, you might want to consider getting a plug-and-play DAB car radio adapter.

Here’s a summary of where you can and can’t find Absolute Classic Rock:

  • AM radio: Not available
  • FM radio: Not available
  • DAB radio: 11B (218.640 MHz) in London
  • Sky: Channel 0203
  • Virgin Media: Channel 952
  • Freeview: Not available
  • Online: Via the Absolute Classic Rock website
  • Mobile: Using the Absolute Radio app


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4 thoughts on “What Frequency Is Absolute Classic Rock Broadcast On?”

    1. Absolute Classic Rock is only available on DAB in London. If you are listening in London and still can’t pick it up, try retuning your radio. Hope that helps

  1. This was the only station I ever listen too, missing it badly, especially in the car. Get the finger out an get it back on.

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