What Frequency Is Planet Rock Broadcast On

What Frequency Is Planet Rock Broadcast On?

Planet Rock is the UK’s most popular rock radio station. It’s a digital-only radio station, which means you can’t receive it on AM or FM.

To tune into Planet Rock on DAB radio, you don’t need to know a frequency as you just have to scroll through the stations available on your radio. If your radio hasn’t found Planet Rock, try moving it near a window to improve the signal and then try retuning it.

On DAB, Planet Rock uses the SDL Multiplex which uses the frequency 11A, though you won’t need this information unless you need to manually tune your DAB radio into it.

If you’re trying to find Planet Rock on an AM/FM radio, you won’t be able to find it as it’s only available on digital radio, digital television and the internet. If you want to listen to Planet Rock in the car but don’t have a DAB car radio you could buy a DAB car radio adapter, which would probably be cheaper and easier than replacing your car radio altogether.

Here’s a summary of where you can and can’t find Planet Rock:

  • AM radio: Not available
  • FM radio: Not available
  • DAB radio: Just scroll through the stations on your radio or manually tune to 11A
  • Sky: Channel 0110
  • Freesat: Channel 730
  • Virgin Media: Channel 924
  • Online: Via the Planet Rock website or sites like TuneIn
  • Mobile: Using the Planet Rock app on iOS or Android or using another radio app


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2 thoughts on “What Frequency Is Planet Rock Broadcast On?”

  1. I live in Aberdeen and can’t get planet rock on my pocket Roberts dab radio what do I need to do?

    1. You can try moving the radio near a window and retuning it. You can also check your postcode here to see if Planet Rock has good reception where you live.

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